by Stary Graphic arts


If you are in need of gorgeous, high quality bottle images suitable for any application, look no further!

We offer 3 options for creating your bottle shot image, each at a competitive flat rate per bottle.


Bottle Photography

This is the classic process that involves collecting physical bottles to photograph and is the best way to ensure an accurate capture of your product.

Each bottle image is captured using lightbox photography. Exposure and contrast are digitally adjusted, then scratches, dust, and any flaws are edited out. The backgrounds are removed, and finally each bottle shot is given a corrective adjustment for uniform appearances.

The fee for this option includes pickup and drop off of bottles anywhere in the Oregon counties of Yamhill, Polk, and Washington, as well as the regions of Marion and Clackamas counties west of the I-5. Additional fees or shipping charges will be applied to locations outside of these regions. While in our possession, your bottles will be carefully handled and stored at cellar temperature to ensure their quality is preserved. 

With your initial bottle image capture session complete, we can provide additional services for updates or mockups of future releases without the need to acquire physical bottles.



Photo Editing/Digital Updates

Already have perfectly good bottle shots, but they display previous vintages or other information that renders them unusable?

Or, do you find that each new round of bottle shots you spring for gets you completely unexpected appearances?

We can help! 

Let us use our photoshopping chops to change vintages, update vineyards designations, adjust the screwcap color, or even lighten the tint of your Rosé—all with an appearance consistent to your existing collection of bottle shots. 

Best of all, this option provides you with your bottle shots before the wine is bottled—so you can have all your promotional materials in place and hit the ground running the minute your wine is ready for the market!


Digital Mockups

Just like with option 2, we can create your bottle shots anytime ahead of the actual bottling run—but with this option, you don’t need any existing bottle shots!

All we need is a print-quality label file and the type of bottle you plan to use.

We then build your custom bottle shot, adding subtle visual elements that lend your digital bottle shot a true-to-life appearance. 


Stary Graphic Arts