Work Samples

Bryn Mawr Vineyards

Located just outside of Salem, Oregon, this boutique winery is perched along the crest of the Eola – Amity Hills range. Welsh for ‘High Hill’,  their name speaks to the site’s altitude and exposure, which allows cool coastal breezes to caress the grapes during ripening—ideal for the Burgundian varietals farmed here.

I sought to create a visual identity that both tells the story of the location and conveys the winemaker’s approach to their craft. The logo illustrates the breeze and the hillside; the ‘arm’ of the breeze imparts a gentle, flourished touch, delivering a refined balance.

Sirena Coffee

Based in Oaxaca, Mexico, Sirena is a Mexican Coffee brand that is built around the captivating artwork of Oaxacan artist and cultural ambassador Yuma Díaz.

My task was to create a design strategy that integrated Yuma’s art into the framework of a visual identity. 


Jentay Group, a Hillsboro, Oregon based composite materials manufacturing firm, reached out to me for a branding refresher.

This client requested a logo that conveyed their advanced, innovative manufacturing methods and ability to address complex projects. I developed a design that references the line of an aircraft taking off (aeronautics being among the sectors they serve), which simultaneously offers a visual metaphor for the development of a project as it moves from inception point to the physical launch of a product.

Integrated into the logo is the 3D representation of a pyramid, an ancient symbol of learning and transfiguration.

Man of Leisure

Man of Leisure is a food & wine-focused lifestyle brand operated by chef and winemaker Raul Salinas in McMinnville, OR.

Simple and straighforward, this logo depicts a lounging male figure reclining before a tropical sunset, conveying concepts of relaxation, warmth, and gratification with a touch of upscale elegance.


Stary Graphic Arts